Taylor Swift’s Race Against Time: The Two Unique Strategies That Made Her Tokyo-To-Super Bowl Flight Possible

Taylor Swift’s plane from Tokyo Haneda airport is enroute to Los Angeles (not to Las Vegas). It is currently the most-tracked jet.

VistaJet’s flight VJT993, a Bombardier Global Express,, is operating as “The Football Era.” It is currently estimated in over an hour early, at 3:07 p.m. Pacific time.

Reportedly charter provider VistaJet made two unique preparations, besides having the plane ready for Ms. Swift’s swift departure following her Tokyo show:

  • A team of mechanics on the ground in Tokyo

  • A second jet on standby. Would you want to be the charter company that kept Taylor Swift from making the Super Bowl?

Her plane is waiting for her at LAX. She’s probably picking someone up. (And the jet she’s on, which is foreign-registered, cannot fly a passenger just between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.)

Taylor Swift performed in Tokyo Saturday night, and is arriving back in the U.S. before her show ended. Call it time travel, or the International Date Line. And she had written assurances from the government of Japan.

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  1. So sick of this attention seeking diva. The NFL is glad for the ratings bump, but Taylor and her songs that all sound the same need to fade away.

  2. Keeping mechanics and a spare aircraft on standby are not unique preparations. But I guess that had to be added to give this Taylor Swift clickbait something aeronautical to get posted here.

  3. Before Taylor Swift’s race to the Super Bowl was Air Traffic Control clearing airspace for Paul McCartney to join Billy Joel’s Shea Stadium Farewell in 2008. London to NYC, then JFK to Shea Stadium in 11 minutes. McCartney back full circle at Shea. Magical. Check it out on YouTube

  4. The route was longer than a great circle route but seemed to take advantage of a strong jet stream tailwind per FlightAware data.

  5. You are all just jealous. She has enough real cash to hire you all as her dog walkers if you are qualified.

  6. Read about Vista Jet. Look where that jet VSJ993 had been the last week Beijing for one‍♂️

  7. Go Taylors future husband. The sports guys say Travis gets 30 more yards per game when Taylor is at a Chiefs game. Go KC Chiefs!

  8. I don’t understand the criticism of her but I also don’t get why this was a “race against time”? It’s a 12 hour flight and she had 33 hours to fit it in. Not exactly difficult! Only wrinkle was the lack of space in Vegas, which she obviously solved by landing at LAX.

  9. What?

    I thought she was barely going to make it, I’m reading this four hours from the game and she has been back since yesterday?

    This isn’t even close to dramatic or interesting, I had visions of her running through an airport to catch a car to the stadium, lol

  10. @Rey L – Also, Phil Collins’ flight on Concorde to play both Live Aid concerts in London and NYC

  11. Taylor is maybe the UPMOST of pathetic humans. The whole of America is worried about if they can get a 34-yr-old women to a priviliged box at a superbowl stadium, in time.

    Because she’s such an absurd influence on all of your tween daughters.

    Aren’t you able to steer your daughters toward other more-subtantial influences? Have you tried attending church and looking toward God? Or what about the founders of charitable donations?

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